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Our History

At Shih Tzu Houston, we have taken something which started as a family passion and turned it into something we can share with other fellow Shih Tzu lovers. When our 16 year old Bamboo, was showing advanced signs of aging, we struggled to find another Shih Tzu. After trying to find rescue dogs, we found it hopeless, as all of the dogs were gone already, so, we decided to adopt from a breeder. Again, there was such a shortage, that when we finally found Bonzai and we vowed that we would help other families find a Shih Tzu companion.


We appreciate all different rare pedigrees of Shih Tzus, such as green or blue eyed liver, as well as lavender or merle coloring. Our partis have the most amazing markings and flowing, long silky hair.


We specialize in 100% quality Shih Tzus, regardless of what "title" registry they may have. Our family of Shih Tzu parents are  registered, AKC and CKC. Our dogs' beauty and pedigrees speak for themselves and are a sum of amazing quality.

We breed our babies to have friendly dispositions and fit in seamlessly as incredible family pets. as their parents are family pets to us, as well. The quality is second to none, and all of our offspring will have no limitations, as many of their ancestors are from champion bloodlines.


Since 1992, we have loved and cared for our Shih Tzus. We breed responsibly and according to the best practices of the hobby and according to an AKC inspection in 2023, which makes us your go-to place to find your new family addition.

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